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3-way 사용법 / how to use three way stopcock

#3way #threeway #기본간호

알고보면 쉽지만 은근 헷갈리는 3-way 사용법
이 영상 하나에 다 담았어!
how to use three way stopcock

00:00 시작
01:32 기본 조작법
02:12 수액 1개 연결시 조작법
02:53 수액 2개 연결시 조작법
03:46 수액 2개 이상 연결시 조작법
05:04 수액 주지 않기
06:19 side 주사기 사용 법
07:06 알아두면 겁나 유용한 언니의 Tip!

HVAC Tech School: 2 Way and 3 Way Control Valves For AHU and FCU

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HVAC Application: 2 Way and 3 Way Control Valves For AHU and FCU. In this video, you will learn the difference between 2 Way and 3 Way Valves and which one to use for AHU and fan coil unit applications.
Not sure what NO or NC means? You will in this easy to understand explanation of how HVAC control valves work.
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Baelz Control Valves (2-way and 3-way)

Baelz 2-way and 3-way bellow seal control valves and actuators for a leak free, long life in high temperature thermal oil and other high temperature liquid applications.
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Control Valves: Valve body, Actuator (electric \u0026 pneumatic), Mobile Controls




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